valeria rizzo


Hvem er jeg?

I'm an italian artist. I started my art path in 2000 and a achieved the higher degree in paint in the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna (IT). I work as artist in my own studio. Right now I'm exposing some of my works in the institute "Huset" of Aalborg. I paint also on commission, I create scenography for circus and theater shows, and I teach draw from real models and paint in afterwork schools. I'll soon start a project of art therapy with the ungarian psichiatra Eszter Kulhay in order to give an alternative free and creative help to people of every age and background.

Hvad kan jeg tilbyde?

I do believe that children live in a fantastic world that it's impossible to reach for us grow up. Unfortunately for them, they'll soon be pushed and stock into a serious and busy world that will steal them the fantasy and creativity. I do want to help them to keep open the doors for their amazing worlds of fantasy, that let them be unique and free. Art it's not just a way to express ourself; it's also a way to think, to see, to listen, to act, to live!


What I'd like to create with the children, it's a moments of total creativity and fantasy. I want to let them understand that they can transport into reality all the amazing creatures and places, and situation that live in their young and uncontaminated minds! I want to keep them free and help them to be happy! All this can be done in very different ways, so many that I cannot put them all into a simple list. But I can made some example... The kids can paint all together on a same surface (and that's not new) but they can also use materials and equipments they've never tried: natural colors (from vegetables, roots, leaves) different brushes and shapes (hands, foots, bodies and everything they want to experiment). They can also turn common objects, that we all know, into something completely different, maybe into something that nobody ever saw before... Everything can be done.... They just have to not be afraid and use their imagination!

valeria rizzo

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